Floor Guide

Third Floor

The tour begins on the 3rd floor. After checking in, please take the elevator to the 3rd floor.

① The Magical Zoo
A herd of animals will meet you when you come through the 3rd floor entrance. First, they'd like to show you how to enjoy trick art.

② Explore The Ancient Forest
Further into the zoo, fascinating stone statues appear. They might just be standing there nonchalantly, but don't overlook their little tricks!

③ The Strange Aquarium
This aquarium will make you feel like you've travelled to the bottom of the sea. Catch some fish, be chased by sharks, and take a maritime stroll.

Second Floor

④ Classic Painting & Sculptures of the World
Familiar masterpiece paintings and sculptures around the world, including the Mona Lisa and Van Gogh's Sunflowers, are given little parody elements, transforming them into fun curiosities.

⑤ The Miracle Room
And now, the bizarre, topsy-turvy Miracle Room. Maybe you can take some funny pictures here?

⑥ The Glass Labyrinth
A maze of mirrors. Take one step in, and look! There are lots of you! Which way should we go?!

First Floor

⑦ Trick Art of the World
Trick art from around the world and throughout history is exhibited here. From unique works that look like entirely different pictures when viewed upside down, to somewhat challenging works that will make you say "Hmm".

⑧ The Van Gogh Bedroom
Do you know Van Gogh's famous painting, "The Bedroom"? This is definitely Van Gogh's bedroom. Now, you can step into the masterpiece!

⑨ The Ames Room
You're getting smaller, then getting bigger; just what is going on here? The only way to find out is to enter this room.

⑩ The Mirror Room
How would you like a photo of your own severed head as a souvenir? (Note: You will survive this experience.)

⑪ The Aerial Swimming Space
You'll be upside down from the moment you set foot in this strange room. Be careful not to fall!

⑫ Café ART aLIVE
Once you've experienced everything the museum has to offer, enjoy tea time at café ART aLIVE. 47 seats, all non-smoking. How about bringing your dog with you? Along with the café, there's a gift area with trick art playing cards, pop-up books, and more.